These are our big summer flower, and we grow more of them than anyone else in Australia. Lisianthus are one of our most popular flowers due to their long vase life & wide variety of colours. Lissies come in white, pink, green, purple, variegated pink, variegated purple, cream and yellow.

Season: November through to April.



Our Oriental Lilies are hybrids of Lilium auratum and Lilium speciosum. Their big flowers open up to be star-shaped, with a strong sweet scent and come in white & pink. 

Season: May through to October.


We import the Asiatic Lily bulbs from Holland and grow them in specially quarantined greenhouses. Murchison has the perfect light levels for growing Asiatic Lilies, and we are able to grow them throughout autmun. These beautiful lilies come in yellow, orange, pink & cream. 

Season: April through to June.


Traditionally a popular Australian garden flower, Snaps have become a standard cut flower. Flowering throughout winter, snapdragons add a burst of colour. They come in a range of vibrant and glorious colours ranging from deep burgundy through to pink, white, yellow, and orange.

Season: May through to October.


Our Iron Stock seeds are imported from Japan, where they're bred to have hard stems and a high petal count. Their sweet aroma is hard to mistake and adds a beautiful perfume to floral arrangements. Varieties come in pink, purple, white, yellow and are available through the colder months. 

Season: May through to August.


Kale has become extremely popular all over the world in recent years. More a vegetable than a flower, Kale forms a tight cabbage-like flower in either white, purple or pink. They grow well throughout autumn, thanks to its early warmth, and late frost, which produces an amazing flower.

Season: May through to June.


Our Delphiniums grow tall and lush, and come in shades of blues and white. Its stems are lined with rows of double flowers. An elegant & stately addition to any floral arrangement. 

Season: June through to September.


An old, and thus very varied flower, Chrysanthemums are extremely popular. Our Disbudded Chryssies are achieved by removing all but the centre bud, so that the plant puts all its nutrients and energy into growing a large, spectacular flower. Grown especially for the huge Mothers' Day trade, our Disbuds come in white, pink, and yellow.

Season: Mother's Day (May).


Sometimes called Ammi, Queen Anne's Lace is proving to be a good crop with its great strike rate & simple care. It can grow over 1 meter tall with it's wild greenery & clouds of small white flowers. Different varieties of Ammi also grows wild.

Season: June through to October.


These beautiful floral clouds are a must for the summer season. Available in shades of blues, purples, & whites, they are sure to look beautiful in any setting.

Season: December through to February 


A simple classic is the sweet pea. These climbing plants produce fragrant and romantically ruffled, pea-shaped blooms with bright, curly greenery. Sweet peas grow in a variety of pastel shades from including pinks, whites & lavenders. 
Season: August through to November


Ranunculus season always proves to be very popular. The rose-like flowers feature layer upon layer of thin petals, giving them a delicate yet striking appearance. Available in an array of pinks & creams, ranunculus are always a beautiful addition to our shop.

Season: August through to September


A  traditionally Japanese flower, Tweedia is fast becoming a popular variety. Featuring delicate, star-shaped blooms, this little flower is perfect for weddings and other bouquets. Available in white & sky blue. 

Season: All year round (subject to availability) 


A beautiful foliage is classic blue gum. We grow several different types of gum including Silver Dollar & Baby Blue. Each variety differs in its leaf shape, size & scent but we love them all equally.

Season: All year


Craspedia Golbosa or Billy Buttons are a perennial, Australian native with long stemmed, golden globe flowers. Billy Buttons are also perfect for drying.

Season: November though to February 


A well know favorite are our Dahlias. These beautiful blooms can come in a variety of colours & sizes, including pinks, mauves, whites & apricots. Our favourite variety is the Cafe Au Lait, with its creamy apricot coolour & large flowering heads.

Season: Summer & Autumn (subject to availability) 


The happiest of all flowers, Sunflowers usually have a large flower head, with yellow or orange petals. The center is made up of hundred of black seeds, supported by a thick stem. Perfect in a vase on their own, sure to brighten anyone's day.

Season: December & January


Throughout each year,  small quantities of varying flowers are grown specifically for our retail shop. These varieties change every year. Some will stay long term, while other may only be around for a few weeks. This helps to provide a beautiful array of flowers for our on site retail store. Varieties include cosmos, achillea, cone flowers, nigella, zinnias, straw flowers, veronica, asters & statice (just to name a few). 

Season: All year (subject to availability)